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The best written commercial, this is our topic today, how to write a successful commercial or write a short advertisement is a necessary skill when marketing. We watch ads every day in all forms of media, such as tv ads and billboards, but which of these ads is considered successful and valuable commercial, and what is the method of writing a marketing ad?!

The best commercial advertisement 

written commercial is mainly about influencing someone to take action, we have previously explained ideas for writing successful marketing content, for example, when a customer buys a product or subscribes to a mailing list. If you are not sure where to start when writing an ad for a product, This article will guide you on how to write the best commercial advertisement with effective tips and tricks.

What is marketing advertising?

In order to first understand how to write a successful marketing advertisement and the elements of a successful advertisement, we need to define what advertising is and its types? In order for us to know how to write a correct marketing ad that makes your ad different from traditional ads, the method of writing a professional ad formula in various digital or traditional media aims to influence the target audience when displaying brand ads to buy a product or service. Ads are divided into:

  • Ads by format
  1. Written marketing advertisements, for example:  The ads we see on Instagram.
  2. Video Ads: What we see on TV from the commercials.
  • Ads by length
  1. Short form ads: The formula for writing a short ad, Ads that extend over a period of several seconds, such as the ones we see in the form of a YouTube video.
  2. Long-form ads: These are the commercials we see on our favorite TV shows.
What are the types of writing a commercial?

There are many types of marketing ads, and in order for you to be aware of the most important of these types and the skills of writing distinctive marketing content, we will mention them to you as follows:

  • Educational commercial 

It is an advertisement that works to persuade the audience through the media to buy a product using learning and education methods. This tactic exposes the potential customer to the special features of the product that will favor them over others in viewing ads, whether in social media, email, or any of the media, for example, an educational ad describing a six-blade razor as the best machine for getting for the cleanest, smoothest shave.

  • Explanatory announcement

Display Ad is similar to an educational ad with the primary purpose of informing, but display ad provides information about the product by displaying it rather than educating it via media, social media or email, in other words, it is more objective than educational ads, we have seen when writing a successful educational ad the text focuses on the 6-blade razor being the best for the cleanest shave, because it teaches the audience something, as for the explanatory ad, the focus is on showing the ads that the razor has 6 blades (which distinguishes it from other razors in the market) , that is, it is a presentation and illustration of information.

  • declaration of the human interest

Rather than informing or sharing information with a potential client, the way to write a successful commercial in this field involves targeting the clients’ emotions as a persuasion tactic by focusing on the audience’s interests in themselves, their families, and their friends primarily. Here, the human interest declaration can be divided into three subsections. Intimidating, entertaining, and problematic ads.

Scary Ad: An ad that focuses on instilling fear, for example, marketing a product by writing a commercial that focuses on battery poisoning mortality rates among children, it scares the target audience using fear as a primary motive.
Entertainment advertisement: It is an advertisement that targets the human interest by flirting with the sense of comedy and humor to make the potential customer laugh, as the formula for writing a successful commercial advertisement that wins the customer through entertainment and humor will make him give a positive opinion about the product and the brand.
Problem advertisement: It is an advertisement that targets the human interest by focusing on the benefits of using the product as a solution to the dilemma that the customer suffers from, such as: a deodorant advertisement that shows that a person’s life improves significantly after using the product. The advertisement focuses and exaggerates the explanation of the advantages of the product as a final solution to the problem.

  • Institutional advertising

Corporate advertising focuses on promoting the brand rather than the product, the customer will purchase a product through loyalty to the brand, where the focus when writing an advertisement is on spreading goodwill and sharing the company’s philosophy and not on selling the product, for example, a clothing company pledges to donate 10% % of its sales to a charity in a commercial.

  • Causal advertising

When the advertisement relates to the reasons and judgment of the potential customer for purchasing the product, here logic, testimonials, and customer experiences are cited to promote this product. In other words, it is a type of advertisement completely contrary to the human interest advertisement, and in this type of advertisement most of the examples are written marketing advertisements.

  • Suggestive advertising

Suggestive advertising is mainly used when discussing product quality. Explains to the audience why the product or service is good. This may be direct or indirect. Advertisements selling paper towels, cleaning sprays, and cleaners usually use this method. You will find them marketing these products by writing a successful commercial under the “leading brand” or A competitive brand.

How to write the best written commercial

Now that you have a basic idea of what advertising is and its different types, how do you write a successful ad? One of the most important steps is to understand the best way for your ad to deliver your message. When selling toothpaste, a suggestive ad might be the better choice compared to scary ads. In another example, a car insurance ad that cares about human interest would be better than a causal ad.

How to write a marketing ad for your audience

You must understand your target audience before you start writing in order to create a successful marketing ad formula. If you know what your target audience accepts most, it will be easy for you to choose the type of ad, in addition to that you will know what to include in the ad to attract and maintain their interest. For example, if you want to sell trading cards to children, you can earn by adopting a funny advertising approach, or by (scare) human interest.

  • Focus on headlines when writing ad text

One of the most important elements of writing a successful commercial is the title of the ad. The title is what your target audience will see first and, as a result, convince them to watch the rest of the ad.

  • Use keywords when writing ad text

Similar to SEO, including keywords in the title when writing your ad text helps your ad reach your target audience’s Google searches and social media pages. To be clear, if you search for small (immediate) on Google, you’re more likely to get ads with the word “annual” ranking higher.

  • Be brief when writing ad text

Once you grab your audience’s attention with a headline, you need to keep it. The evidence is that the average person’s attention span lasts only eight seconds. Within those eight seconds you have to get your message across or give your audience a reason to care, and being as direct as possible with as few words as possible will make your ad stronger and better than traditional ads.

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